Bidding on brand terms – yes or no?

Bidding on brand terms – yes or no?

There are many arguments for and against bidding on brand terms. Some say it is essential where as others believe it to be a waste of money. In the following post I will look at why you may or may not wish to bid on brand terms.


Organic Search

A major factor whether or not you will consider bidding on brand terms is what position your website is within the organic/natural search results. If you fail to reach that number one spot then it is advisable to bid on brand terms.

This is because anything below the first place on natural search receives a relatively small proportion of clicks, no matter how relevant the result is compared to what the user is searching.

It is important to keep track of how you are ranking organically for a range of different search terms that relate to your brand, making sure not to exclude misspellings, words that have been put in a different order to your brand name (if it is more than one word) and long tail keywords.



A question to ask yourself is – are other companies bidding on my brand terms? If yes, are they appearing in a premium ad position above my natural results? Either way this could lead to your competitors stealing your potential customers.

If this happens to you then you should always think about taking action and bidding on your brand terms. If you do decide to compete on your brand terms, it shouldn’t take long to increase your CTR to a high enough level to provide you a strong quality score, which will have you flying to the top spot at a good price.


Other Adverting Sources

If you are using any other advertising sources such as TV/newspapers/radio/billboards ect, you have already invested for traffic once and really don’t want your competitors stealing this traffic.

If we look at it this way, bidding on your brand terms in the scheme of things is an extremely low cost considering TV adverts can cost millions and any kind of gain could be very beneficial.


Well Structured URL

If the URL to your website is not very clear then it would be a good idea to consider bidding on your brand terms to make sure that you get all the relevant traffic to your site. Make it simple and clear so that people know they are clicking the correct link.



When it comes to quickly adapting/changing messaging associated with your brand, PPC ads are a very powerful tool. For example, let’s say you have a sale on- it is possible to instantly change your PPC ads to promote the new offers.

This can be useful for all sorts of things including, product launches and other brand or marketing related changes.

To put this in to perspective, if these types of changes were made to an organic search title tag it could take several days or even weeks to update.


Working your magic on SERPS

A valid reason for advertising on brand terms could simply be to take up as much space as possible on the search engine results page. This will establish you as an authority in your sector and be very beneficial.

The best way this would work is if you push your competitors off the page or push the natural results down, preferably below the fold. A good example of this being carried out is, search them in Google and see for yourself.



In conclusion, there are many reasons why you might choose to bid on brand terms. I would suggest that you analyse the need for it within your business to decide whether you do or not.

It would be a relatively low investment for a potentially great return, however, as always keep a keen eye on those ROI’s and see what works for you.

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