Email Marketing Useful Tips Part 1

Email Marketing Useful Tips Part 1

Tricks of the trade

Email marketing is an intricate machine that can get complicated very quickly if you’re not used to managing numerous parts at once.That being said, there are some nice tricks to keeping things relatively simple and still achieving a successful email marketing campaign. Follow these tips and you will be on your way to a fool proof email campaign.


Tip 1- Make those links obvious

What is the point of your email? The point of your email is to achieve conversions through driving traffic to your website including landing page or product page. Yes, it is that simple. If you don’t drive clicks to your site/pages then users won’t be able to purchase products or fill out sign-up forms-equalling no conversions.

The solution to gaining conversions is this, very simply, take every opportunity to take advantage of natural points on the email where users will be compelled to click.

A good method to use is to include lots of links where there are natural CTA’s (call to action), create bold underlined links so users know that they are actually links they can click on and use firm messaging that tells the user to click e.g. ‘Click Here’.

Another good point to take note of is to make sure any images you use are hyperlinked. As the title states- make those links obvious.


Tip 2 – Don’t overdo your images

When it comes to images the following are some good guidelines to use:

  • Use images sparingly that use well-coded html so that there isn’t a reliance on heavy design
  • Many recipients won’t see the images in their email so if you don’t overload the email with images think of the potential space you are saving
  • Following up on the previous point, never send an email that is one big image or have your CTA purely on an image

Follow these basic rules and you shouldn’t have any problems.


Tip 3 – Easy to find unsubscribe Link

It is key that you make your unsubscribe process as simple as possible and have a clear easy-to-find unsubscribe link. You do not want your users getting frustrated with your emails, not being able to unsubscribe and ending up putting your emails in junk. It is much better to allow your users to easily unsubscribe and keep your sender reputation in-tact, otherwise your deliverability will suffer greatly.


Tip 4 – Clean Email List

Keep your email list clean! If you don’t remove the bad email addresses from your list then you’re wasting your time and effort on campaigns that are being sent to addresses that add no value and will do more harm than good.

If your list starts to show a lower percentage of deliverability this will be flagged as spam by email providers. You can avoid this problem by removing:

    • Hardbounces- the email does not exist or will not deliver
    • Undelivered- the email had failed to deliver to that address
    • Non-existent- the email does not exist therefore, won’t send
    • Full email box- the email can’t be delivered due to the recipient’s inbox limit being reached


As well as these, there are also a couple of spam traps/honeypots to look out for. There are two types, one where the user is obviously harvesting without permission and ones where existing emails that have been out of use for a long time are turned into traps.

Harvesting without permission-These email addresses have been purpose-built to lure spam hence the name. They are hidden on websites out of view from normal visitors however, are available for automated email address harvesters to obtain.

Since there has been no permission given or a request made by the owner of the spam trap email address, any email messages that are sent to this address are immediately seen as spam due to the nature of obtaining the address.

Existing Emails turned into traps- These email addresses have become inactive due to not being used for a long period of time thus, has been turned into a spam trap. What happens with these type of emails is that a company such as Spamhaus monitors these accounts seeing who and how often they send to the email address.

This can be very damaging to your sender reputation if you get caught up in this. This is why it is extremely important to manage your lists well as it is very easy to send to these types of email addresses unknowingly.

The above are some good measure to take to keep your lists clean. Also if you have older lists that you want to use, there are services such as available that will clean the data for you. It is then presented back to you in a clear and concise report detailing the above mentioned pointed as well as giving recommendations of what to do with the data.


Tip 5 – Send a Test email to Seed list before your Main list

A seed list is a list of email addresses that you use to send out test emails before you send the email to everyone on your main list. It is used to test the email across various email clients and devices.

ALWAYS send a test email to a seed list before sending your finalised version to your main list.

This is so that you can catch any potential errors before you’ve already sent to the main list. Using your seed list to test deliverability to email providers and check formatting means you can iron out any issues before that big send.


To be continued

These 5 tips are a good starting point for creating successful email campaigns. Check back soon for Email Marketing-Useful Tips Part 2.

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