Email Marketing Useful Tips Part 2

Email Marketing Useful Tips Part 2

Following on from last week’s blog post, here is the second part of Email Marketing Useful Tips.

A quick recap

Last week I discussed how email marketing can be very complicated if not done correctly however, following some very simple tips you would be surprised how effective your email campaigns will be.
We covered:

Tip 1 – Make those links obvious

Tip 2 – Don’t overdo your images

Tip 3- Easy to find unsubscribe Link

Tip 4- Clean Email List

Tip 5- Send a Test email to Seed List before your Main List

There are many more tips and tricks that you will come to learn about over time as an email marketer. Below I will talk a bit more about some simple tips you can follow to achieve results. Let’s get started!


Tip 6- Rules are made to be followed (this time anyway)

This of course relates to the spam rules you MUST follow. If you’re an email marketer you’ll already know what this refers to but if not here’s a short list of the main rules to follow as good practice:

– Don’t lie about who you are
– Don’t lie in the subject line
– Need a physical address on your email (usually at the very bottom)
– Remove people from your email list who ask for this
– Make it easy to opt-out of your email with an unsubscribe link
– Make it obvious that you’re an advertisement
– If you’re using a marketing agency-know what they are doing!

If you follow all the points above then you have a much better chance of avoiding getting your email flagged as spam and getting removed from your users’ inboxes, it is extremely important to follow these steps.

Keep it consistent follow these rules for every email from the beginning to the end of your campaigns each time you send. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to make your email really “salesy” – this will go against the best practice for spam rules which will land you in the spam folder. Once you’re in the spam folder it is very difficult to get yourself out.

Tip 7- Make sure you create a Text version as well as HTML

Make sure you send a text version of an email as well as the HTML version. A plain-text email lacks any formatting that allows you to customise your email visually therefore, as its name suggest it is purely plain text. This is useful as it means if a problem occurs with the HTML version of the email the user can view the text version meaning no information is lost when the email is viewed.

It is very rare that a plain-text version of an email is viewed however, it is still good practice to create one for each of your HTML emails. Look at it as a back-up in case something goes wrong, you’ll be glad you spent the small amount of time it takes to create one.


Tip 8- Use Easy to Read Short Text

It is inevitable that most users aren’t going to read all the text in your email, most likely they will scan through the text and be drawn to what stands out.

Therefore, using large paragraphs and loads of text is a big NO. Keep your text short making use of bullet points and use font bolding for key messages you wish to convey as well as using different colours/underlining key words that users should know are important to read.

Overloading the user with loads of text will make them lose interest straight away, get your email deleted and more chance of joining the junk folder.


Tip 9- Get your email sizing right

You have very little time and space in a person’s inbox to get across a message, most users will first preview your email in the preview pane with the images turned off. If their attention is grabbed then they might view it in full.

Keep your HTML template to no more than 600 pixels wide, with a clear CTA and at least one link in the first 100 pixels of height.

Using these specifications will help maximise the effectiveness of your email send. Quite simply think about how it will look when the user receives it and adjust it so it looks right.


Tip 10- Make your code exceptional behind the scenes

Make sure you have coded your images properly. This means making sure that the image has an alt text, title text and is linked to the correct webpage or landing page.  Also make sure that the image height and width are right.


Make it second nature to implement the discussed points

These are 10 easy to achieve tips that will help you along your way to creating outstanding email marketing campaigns. All these tips are good practice and should be adopted by all email marketers.


Good Luck!

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