About Digital Oyster

Around the clock account management
and campaign optimisation

At Digital Oyster we strive to send you the very best quality sales leads for the very best price.

We spend time analyzing and micro managing the campaign to make sure every campaign, landing page, advertorial and ad is optimised and targeted for the appropriate audience.

We work with you to find out which sources the best leads are coming from and we work hard to generate more that convert well for your sales team.

Digital Oyster use industry leading software to allow you 100% real-time visibility in where each lead is coming from and from which traffic source. This helps maximise return on investment and keeps your sales teams busy with the highest quality leads.

We provide you a dedicated account manager to find out your needs and required volumes.

We’re a growing, flexible team which allows us to work with you and make changes at a moments notice in order to generate larger volumes or to split test different landing pages.

With over 30 years combined experience in digital marketing we have had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest brands to the smallest. We’re able to tailor our services to what you need, when you need it, and support your company as you grow.


Alex Scovell

Managing Director

With over a decades experience in digital marketing Alex founded Digital Oyster primarily as a CPA email marketing agency specialising in the UK market. Over the years Alex has used his expertise to position the company at the forefront of native advertising, developing state of the art technology to get the very best lead quality possible.

Devoted husband and father of three, Alex is known far and wide for his love of boys toys, including his beloved motor bike and his skills on the pool table.


Rachael Burns

Digital Marketing Executive

Prior to joining the Oyster team, Rachael studied LLB Law and could have fitted quite happily in with the cast of ‘Suits’. Luckily for us, as an avid social media user generating impressive followings, her interest soon turned to social media marketing – now testing and utilising different targeting strategies, her skills to build and attract audiences are quickly growing.

Rachael oversees the native channel, ensuring all campaigns are monitored daily and kept up to date with current legislation.

Originally from Essex, and with a passion for fashion, Rachael’s flamenco outfits never go unnoticed. A dark horse in the office, her general knowledge, ability to speak French and play the piano are only the beginning…



Tessa Gillies

Account Director

With 23 years’ experience in Direct Response Marketing Tessa has been heavily involved in many avenues of marketing from offline media buying and running Press, to TV and Radio campaigns, before discovering her true passion in digital for the last 16 years.

Known in the office for her baking talents, Tessa has blown everyone away by completing a London Marathon and can play a mean ‘Fly me to the Moon’ on the saxaphone.


Carl Clark

Account Director

Prior to joining the team Carl’s background in e-learning and social media led to an interest in all things digital. With keen interest across all digital channels his expertise have grown to head up the social team, thriving on competition, Carl will always find a way to deliver on volume while maintaining quality.

Carl is not a guy to be messed with, with a second degree black belt in taekwondo and a love for beating the drums, it’s safe to say Carl is well loved in the office.  A shark on the pool table, his enthusiasm for the dance floor and a good tune has no limits.


Irma Burbano

Finance Manager

Originally from Ecuador and with three degrees under her belt in Engineering, Adult Education and Bookkeeping, Irma has always had a love of numbers. Her practical thinking and attention to detail has kept the Digital Oyster finances ticking like clockwork.

Keeper of the company credit card, Irma has so far resisted the temptation to book a sneaky holiday abroad. Although with the state of everyone’s expense receipts, she definitely deserves one. She has the patience of a saint.

When Irma isn’t playing with numbers she loves nothing more than to spend quality time with her family, listen to some music and relax with a good book.





Franc Tribo

Technical Genius, Server Whisperer, Head of Integration, Campaign Master

(A.K.A Digital Director)

Franc is drawn towards data like a moth to a flame. If there is a report that needs refining, integration to be integrated or jiggery that needs pokery, Franc is there making it possible.

With a BEng Computer Science, and another BEng in Telecommunications, his data mining and optimisation ability is second to none. He has simplified and streamlined processes in all areas of the office, allowing the company to grow in all the right directions.

Proud father to a gorgeous 6 year old son, Franc is a keen contender in the Digital Oyster pool league. A fan of Formula 1, music and running, Francs fun loving attitude is a pleasure to have in the office, as well as his ability to make the worlds best mocha.



Amy Edwards

Account Director

Hates writing bios