PPC Wastage on Ad words-what to do about it?

Wastage – An introduction Wastage is an accepted part of any advertising campaign be that traditional or online. You will be hard pressed to find every penny of your advertising budget no matter what type of advertising being specifically targeted at your perfect customer 100%. The beauty about AdWords is that we can minimise this wastage by following Googles rules and creating well structured, highly targeted campaigns that will significantly reduce this waste. There are numerous things that can be done to help reduce your wastage and below are some suggestions on how this can be achieved. Paying for... Read more

Landing Page Optimisation-Good Practice.

There are many factors to take into consideration when optimising a landing page. In this post, I will be discussing some of the things that you can do to optimise your landing pages to make sure that you are hitting and exceeding your conversion targets.   Keeping the site tidy and clean To keep your landing pages optimised it is recommended that your site is kept uncluttered and clean so as not to distract the user. This is really important as you want them to focus all their attention on the CTA to get that all important conversion and... Read more

Bidding on brand terms – yes or no?

There are many arguments for and against bidding on brand terms. Some say it is essential where as others believe it to be a waste of money. In the following post I will look at why you may or may not wish to bid on brand terms.   Organic Search A major factor whether or not you will consider bidding on brand terms is what position your website is within the organic/natural search results. If you fail to reach that number one spot then it is advisable to bid on brand terms. This is because anything below the first... Read more

Email Marketing Useful Tips Part 1

Tricks of the trade Email marketing is an intricate machine that can get complicated very quickly if you’re not used to managing numerous parts at once.That being said, there are some nice tricks to keeping things relatively simple and still achieving a successful email marketing campaign. Follow these tips and you will be on your way to a fool proof email campaign.   Tip 1- Make those links obvious What is the point of your email? The point of your email is to achieve conversions through driving traffic to your website including landing page or product page. Yes, it... Read more

Email Marketing Useful Tips Part 2

Following on from last week’s blog post, here is the second part of Email Marketing Useful Tips. A quick recap Last week I discussed how email marketing can be very complicated if not done correctly however, following some very simple tips you would be surprised how effective your email campaigns will be. We covered: Tip 1 – Make those links obvious Tip 2 – Don’t overdo your images Tip 3- Easy to find unsubscribe Link Tip 4- Clean Email List Tip 5- Send a Test email to Seed List before your Main List There are many more tips and... Read more

Why mobile optimisation is important

There are numerous reasons why optimising your site for mobile is a good idea such as increasing the amount of traffic you're seeing, increasing your conversion rate and reducing your bounce rates. These will be discussed in more detail below.   What is mobile optimisation? Before I discuss why mobile optimisation can be very advantageous to your site, here is a definition of what I mean by mobile optimisation. It means exactly what it says,optimising your site that normally works for desktop to be re-formatted in a way that is user friendly for a phone or tablet user to... Read more

Digital vs Traditional Marketing

A hotly debated subject within recent years has been whether Digital Marketing is overtaking Traditional Marketing. Many believe that digital marketing has overpowered and surpassed traditional marketing. With so many people connected to the internet via smart devices such as tablets and phones, accessing magazines and publications on the go is a common occurrence. In this article I will explore the need for digital and traditional marketing by discussing the advantages and disadvantages, shedding some light on the best way forward for marketers.   Marketing Types Defined The digital marketing landscape is continually evolving with the latest technological advancement.... Read more

Christmas email marketing trends

Christmas has arrived! With colder and darker evenings, the days of carrying bags through hundreds of shops, freezing your baubles off are long over.  Last year one in five consumers did all of their Christmas shopping bathing in the warm glow of their computer screen and 61% said they did more than half of their shopping online. Evidently, email marketing is going to be a perfect way companies can generate leads and sales this time of year.   So what converts well? Emails with a sense of urgency: Emails with a limited time offer or limited time before Christmas... Read more

How much should you pay for your CPA?

There is no straight forward answer to this question. In terms of analysis and how you are going to calculate what a lead or sale is worth, the more analysis you do, the better! However, before the analysis, you need to make sure that your landing page is doing everything it can to convert. So here are a few easy things to think about when putting your landing page together: Consider your vertical – Different verticals need different approaches, a teeth whitening landing page is going to look very different for a debt management one. Think about the type... Read more