Case Studies

Central London Photography Studio


Increase sign ups using email and display traffic

Maintain a steady volume of leads for the call centers

Increase the amount of child modeling leads


Digital Oysters account team devised a media plan using a CPA model to ensure high-quality sign-ups and to meet the clients goals. To increase child modeling leads a separate landing page for these was created specifically targeting children aged 3-12 to encourage parents and guardians to register. Through Digital Oysters data-driven approach and customized media strategy, both Digital Oyster and CLPS saw strong results across both email and display channels.


Digital Oyster was able to deliver over 5,000 leads over a month and have kept volumes at a steady level. Child modeling leads increased by 32.7% with the new landing page and continues to grow.

Debt Management Case Study

Our Debt Management Client approached us wanting to branch out their marketing activities into CPA Email Marketing to generate more leads and expand. Digital Oyster worked alongside them to help create two highly optimized offers that would generate the amount of leads required.

A dedicated team was assigned to the client, all experts in their fields, to help design these two offers from scratch and executing an email plan for the UK.  Digital Oyster called on it’s extensive performance network with almost 90 publishers on it and approached key high volume publishers to run the clients offers, resulting in a massive surge of email leads. The team was constantly monitoring quality of traffic and the client even took note of this, saying that the leads they received from Digital Oyster were of the highest quality compared to others they were getting.

The results of the email distribution plan created saw an increase of 200% of the amount of leads that the client was receiving within the first 2 months.  Digital Oyster has been able to consistently deliver 1000s of quality leads a month.

iSmart Solutions

Working alongside our PPI client Digital Oyster launched and executed a multi-channel strategy, first launching a highly successful Email campaign on a CPL basis followed by a CPL Display offer.  Digital Oyster worked closely with the client to develop a tailor-made strategy with the aim of generating consistent large volumes of leads and expanding into the PPI sector to solidify themselves as market leaders.

Using our extensive network and knowledge of publishers, the team strategically targeted publishers that had performed well with these types of offers previously and that could produce consistent high quality, high volume leads. With thousands of leads generated month after month, traffic quality was monitored constantly in real-time and Digital Oysters anti-fraud systems would sift out any bad sources, allowing us to only provide the top quality leads.

The client remarked on how they were very happy with the service Digital Oyster provides, saying “we are extremely impressed with Digital Oyster – they have driven good volumes of high quality leads for us. Highly recommended.”

The results of the multi-channel strategy saw the PPI client triple its intake of leads, generating thousands a month and as a result they expanded their call centre to keep up with the growth.

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