Our Services

Tailored B2C Lead Generation

We can generate high quality sales leads either through our own brands such as Compare Laser Clinic, or by driving traffic to our clients own branded page.

We use our extensive experience in digital marketing to drive traffic to a landing page to request a quote, further information or claims pack. Get A QuoteView More

Email Marketing

All of our email marketing activity complies with the Data Protection Act and ICO laws. This means that all of the data that is sent to have agreed to receive marketing emails, and we have their opt-in information to produce at any time. Through our partnership with just over one hundred specifically chosen high quality, compliant email marketing partners we can broadcast your message further allowing larger volumes of sales leads to be generated. Get A QuoteView More

CPL / CPA Display Traffic

It is an effective method of delivering campaigns to a large audience across a huge range of web pages. Specific targeting can include demographic, by geographic location and also includes behavioral aspects.

Every company can generate millions of daily impressions, where we excel is bringing in our performance marketing experience to help optimise every stage of the campaign to ensure you only get the highest quality leads.

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Data Cleansing

Over time older (un-cleaned) data becomes increasingly redundant; the bounce rates increase, your ROI significantly drops and complaints start to come in from your ESP. So your lists get abandoned, sit on your server and do nothing.

Older data can be a valuable asset. By processing your old data lists through our data cleaning system we can improve your sender reputation, deliverability and response rates, whilst eliminating hard bounces, complaints, and wasteful payload, all within 48hrs —maximizing your marketing returns.

We have worked with a number of large bluechip companies and small local businesses to clean a number of their data lists and have managed to turn these lists into valuable assets. One bluechip client reported an 18% increase in repeat business, and even turned a handful of dead leads into clients. Get A QuoteView More


We are a performance marketing agency specialising in email marketing. CPA/CPL
Email marketing is a highly valued traffic source for a number of reasons:


Unlike PPC, cold email marketing targets people not currently looking for your service or product, but are interested once the message (email) has reached them.

This means once they have filled in the form on your landing page they are unlikely then to continue researching the product or service of your competitors, leaving your sales team free to take the sale.


Having received the email, the prospect must a) open the email, b) read the email, c) click through to the landing page, d) view the landing page and finally e) fill out the form in order for you to receive a lead.

Due to the flow of their journey to hit the ‘submit’ button, the prospect has to remain interested for a large amount of time, at any point they could click away. Because of this, email leads have always been valued as high quality leads.


Due to the nature of email, you will receive huge exposure from your email being sent.

This will land in thousands of inboxes all over the UK, so even if the prospect doesn’t convert straight away, your brand name has been put in front of them and another touch point has been added to their journey towards becoming a customer.


Email marketing is far from easy.

However with our specialist services we can act as an extension of your marketing department and take care of all of your email activity for you. Leaving you free to do what you do best.

No risk

Email always used to be based on a CPM payment model, (cost-per-thousand) this meant you paid for the number of emails sent – this unfortunately meant that 100,000 emails could be paid for and not one converted.

At Digital Oyster we work on a CPL basis (cost-per-lead) this means you only pay for the results you get on a non-risk basis.