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Our Company Philosophy

Our philosophy is to always achieve brilliance. Brilliance in our creatives. Brilliance in our analytics. Brilliance in our results.

The rationale is that if our product is brilliant then everything else will fall into place. It’s this determination for brilliance that pushes us to become world leaders in the Native space, creating the most brilliant and innovative campaigns for our clients.

And our philosophy is working – for us and for our clients.


1. Scalable

Our campaigns begin with a testing phase where we then analyse data to hone quality before we expand across a number of platforms and increase volume.

2. Flexible

One size doesn't fit all so we tailor our campaigns to fit your exact needs, product and business. If you need leads at specific times, volumes or specific data fields, we've got you covered.

3. Effective

We generate thousands of leads every day across a number of verticals. Through partnering with top platforms and a specifically designed in-house data analysis system we achieve the best results possible.

4. Affordable

We work on a performance payment basis, meaning if you don't get results - we don't get paid. This helps increase your ROI and keeps us on the ball with quality and volume. 

Digital Oyster is a leading performance payment digital marketing agency providing high quality direct response leads for our clients. We aspire to be the best in everything we do. One common theme runs through all our services – we deliver results.

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End-to-End Campaign Creation 

We tailor every step of the user's journey

Interested in our high quality leads? 

One size doesn't fit all so we tailor our campaigns to fit your exact needs, product and business. For a bespoke quote please call us on the below details or leave a message and we'll call you back.


Digital Entrepreneur Award Winners 2017 


Entering a saturated market, @DigitalOysterUK social media campaign took a fresh approach to PPI driving 244K prospects to check their eligibility.

With constant optimisation and flexible strategy, the campaign was able to pivot according to industry changes, seasons and high competition. Maintaining an achievable CPL for our clients with ample high quality volume.  

Native Advertising 

As native marketing is such a new field, a culture of constant experimenting is essential. Over the years we have developed an excellent and powerful understanding of native. But we use this acumen as the starting block to find the very best ways of making your campaign fly.

Remember, our clients pay on results. We are so confident that we will achieve the perfect recipe for your campaign that we experiment using our money, not yours!



We've partnered with the best to give you the highest quality in online lead generation

Central London Photography Studio - Financial Director

“The CPL model we are on has produced some excellent results. Subsequently, we have now recruited further sales staff as a direct result of the successful campaigns we have we them

Log Book Loans – Head of Compliance & Risk

“We have been working with Digital Oyster for a number of years now and they consistently deliver. Their staff are friendly and accessible and it has been a pleasure working with them. We look forward to continuing to build a long term strategic partnership to help drive both our businesses.”

Native advertising is fast becoming the worst kept secret in lead generation. Business Insider reported an astonishing 600% growth in native between 2014 and 2016.

And with good reason.

Our team at Digital Oyster have been ahead of the trend and gained years of expertise running large scale native campaigns.

We’ve consistently seen:

 Our clients increasing spend on native – even pulling budget from other channels

  An excellent lead quality that rivals even SEO generated leads.

1. Ad

The user will click on the ad placed on a site of interest to them. Our biggest partners are National news sites.

We create and manage all the ads displayed.

2. Advertorial

From the ad, the user will then read an article based on your product or service. If they maintain interest they will click through to the landing page.

3. Landing Page

Our landing pages match your brand and are designed, optimised and tested constantly to create the very best quality lead for your sales team.

4. Your Call Centre

Our leads are delivered in real-time, ensuring your sales team are able to strike while the iron's hot. You only pay on a per lead basis, ensuring you get the best ROI possible.

We can generate high levels of traffic, converting into high quality leads. This is because our process includes informative advertorials, so our leads are already interested in your business and ready for your call.

We have complete control of our lead generation and can deliver the leads you need, when you need them. We work with you to create the most convincing content and to make sure that it best fits the expectation of the clients you want to sell to. We can follow brand guidelines or make a completely new generic brand – whatever best suits your end goals.

CPA Campaigns: Only Pay for Results

Online Leads in Real-Time

High Volume, High Quality



Native manages to challenge all standard assumptions, disrupting the industry as it rapidly expands. We’ve also found that the benefits of native as a channel to be very attractive indeed.

Every stage of our process is subject to comprehensive optimisation. We can do this because we design and build every aspect in-house. That’s everything from the initial ad to the final landing page.

Our in-house designers and copywriters analyse every stage of the process, tweaking and honing every aspect of the campaign to get the best possible results from each stage.

All of this optimisation means that we can offer great quality leads at very reasonable prices. This complex end-to-end campaign creation is all free of charge to your business. No matter how many hours we spend tweaking and optimising, your costs will always only be based on our performance.


We’ve discovered our clients love the fact that native is:





Native Advertising

Scalable, Flexible, Effective & Affordable