Christmas has arrived!

With colder and darker evenings, the days of carrying bags through hundreds of shops, freezing your baubles off are long over.  Last year one in five consumers did all of their Christmas shopping bathing in the warm glow of their computer screen and 61% said they did more than half of their shopping online. Evidently, email marketing is going to be a perfect way companies can generate leads and sales this time of year.


So what converts well?

Emails with a sense of urgency: Emails with a limited time offer or limited time before Christmas delivery, the pressure is put on the reader, guiding them in the right direction of an impulse buy.

Be tasteful: Less is more with Christmassy images! Emails full of snow and elves are a turn off to even the most Christmassy person.

Optimise for all devices: This is an obvious one but the stats show that more emails are being opened on tablets and phones this year that computers!


What Verticals work well?

Everyone is shopping at Christmas so retail is the obvious vertical here. However, what others are popular this time of year?

Well, Christmas is an expensive time and a lot of people are trying to plan what they are going to do financially. Loans are an easy way for people to solve their Christmas worries and so, this vertical is very popular in the run up to Christmas.

Another way people could possibly get money for Christmas is claiming back their PPI. Other times of the year people might not worry about money they have spent in the past, but with Christmas looming, people will turn to campaigns like PPI to save every penny.

During the warmth of sitting next to the fire listening to jingle bells, a Christmas email marketing miracle occurs; people become incredibly generous! In Christmas spirit, they will feel nice and content once they have just donated money to charity through a campaign you sent.

After Christmas, the dreaded New Year’s resolutions are being put in place and people have to start thinking about getting back to work and normal life.

Debt management verticals are needed to pay off the loan they took out to pay for that giant mutant turkey and gym membership verticals help them work off eating the turkey. People also want to give up bad habits like smoking, e-cigarette campaigns are a godsend for the people who don’t want to go cold turkey (pun intended).

Private Medical Insurance and Life insurance are very popular as well and as the New Year starts, people want to be taken care of for the rest of the year.

Once they have got all of the previous sorted, Blue Monday (the unhappiest day of the year) approaches. The effects of giving up smoking and breaking your New Year’s resolutions start to wear people down and as they are just finishing off the last of the leftover turkey, loneliness sets in. Dating verticals start to become popular as people search for love to fill the hole in their heart previously filled by Christmas joy.


Looking back

Looking back, the Christmas period can be split down:






New Years
Gym Membership
Debt Management


Blue Monday
Private Medical Insurance
Life Insurance