Brand recognition drives revenue, no question about it. Large corporations know the power of recognition and spend millions on billboards, TV adverts and magazines, all for a few seconds of face time with their potential customers. Just a glance is all that’s needed and your brand is stored in their brain, the more this is refreshed, the stronger the image gets until it is burnt into the back of their eyes! Here are some examples of this:

  • Coca Cola turned Christmas red just so it could be associated with the happiest time of the year!
  • You call a vacuum a hoover because the first and most popular make of vacuum was Hoover
  • Americans call adhesive bandages; band aids because that is the major distributor – It’s also less of a mouthful

Email marketing is a great way to grab some time with potential customers. One of the bonuses of email marketing is that most people see the email in a personal and comfortable environment. They haven’t just walked past your billboard and had a glance, most of the time they are nice and relaxed at home; a perfect environment for your brand to be impressioned onto their brain. Once the email is opened, a person has to actively engage with your advertisement to ask themselves if it is relevant and useful to them. This type of interaction is marketing gold dust!

So obviously the goal of email marketers is to get a person to engage as much as possible with their email. This is why email marketing is not about pushing out spam to people. Email marketers (the good ones) only send emails to people who want to receive that kind of information, that’s where opt in details come in. Companies want to send campaigns to people that will convert into leads/sales and not into unsubscribes. If an affiliate of ours is converting really well for women’s fashion, we are not going to send them a campaign on a completely unrelated vertical like men’s weight loss. It is in our best interests to target people with what they want!

This is why the look and feel of every companies email is thought out and designed to push the appropriate message. Health and Beauty verticals will want to sound official and also friendly, explaining the benefits of treatments rather than the long scientific workings. A fashion company will want to build a strong relationship with customers with offers and helpful fashion advice emails so a customer will return time after time to buy items they know are of a good quality. Our previous blog post, ‘How much should you pay for your CPA’, goes into more detail on the graphic and lead generation side of things, including how much money you should be spending on a lead.