Before you send any email, it’s common sense to make sure you are sending it to someone.

Your email lists should be maintained with the same amount of tender loving care your emails get. There is no point in sending a well-crafted email that ticks all the boxes if you don’t have an audience or the right audience. Your email is your elevator pitch; you wouldn’t see a sales person sell a product to a brick wall or worse still to a completely unrelated market that are just going to get frustrated and never want to hear from you again.

The first term we are going to look at is List Churn, also known as attrition rate. This is the amount your list will shrink over a period of time. You churn rate can be calculated using this equation:



Let’s put this to work, if your total list size is 10,000 and within a month you lose 1,000 subscribers, your attrition rate would be 10%. DON’T STRESS! Loosing subscribers is all part of the game and should be expected. The more emails you send to the list, the more subscribers you will lose through unsubscribing and other people marking your email as spam.

However, if you do nothing about it, soon there will be no emails left on your list! This is why list growth is so important. If your churn rate is 10% then you need to make sure your list is growing by ≥10% every month.

The next term we are going to look at is List Fatigue. These are the subscribers that are doing nothing, deleting your email or it is being filtered out of their inbox. List fatigue is pretty much impossible to eradicate but it can be reduced by sending targeted emails to them. Ask yourself, how did you get this list and what kind of person is behind the email. From this, send emails that will appeal to them and do it at the appropriate time. If you want a better understanding of what time you should send, take a look at our previous blog post: What’s the best time to send?

List fatigue also includes invalid emails and spam traps. There is no point sending your emails to dormant addresses and it is damaging to you and your IP to send to spam traps. The only way to get rid of addresses like this and other types of email addresses that could be harmful for you is through a thorough data cleanse. This will remove all of these addresses and leave you with nice clean data that is safe and effective to email!

If you are looking for a thorough and effective data cleanse, we recommend Data Cleanser offer a free clean for a sample set of data, so it’s a bit of a no brainer!

Just from these two terms (list churn and list fatigue) you can see how easy it is for a list to deteriorate. Like a car, a list needs to be refuelled and cleaned regularly, otherwise you are going to run into problems.