Designing a mobile version of your website can be a tricky task. However, fear not! We have a few tips and tricks for you to think about!


Don’t cram!
A lot of mobile websites try to cram all of their content into a long scrolling page forgetting about the end user. You don’t have to compromise on content when it comes to a mobile version of your site. Just chunk it up into more pages and concise paragraphs. A mobile user doesn’t have the time or attention span to read essays about your product or company. They want to know who, what, where, and how; ASAP!

Split your content into different pages offering clear and simple answers but whatever you do, DO NOT compromise on navigation. With more pages comes a greater possibility of the user being lost in the maze, have clear and easy to use navigation that is visible or quick to access at all times.


Don’t Bulk
Even though mobile internet services are getting faster and faster, you can’t rely on your user having top of the range internet. Reduce the size of your page as much as possible to allow for faster loading speed as bandwidth is at a premium on mobiles. So what does this mean?

Firstly remove all of the fancy high resolution images and videos you spent ages designing and replace them with simple smaller images. Reduce the amount of HTTP requests and use CSS3 instead of images. For buttons and calls to actions, CSS3 can be used to add key frame animations, box shadows and gradients – reducing the amount of HTTP requests.


Define your layout!

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 12.21.30


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Define how you are going to stack your content website and stick to it! Create a template of how you are going to transition your desktop content to mobile.


Remember what mobiles are made for!

Mobile are made for calling people, don’t forget that! When trying to generate a lead or close a deal, a call is going to be a lot more effective than their email being imported into your automated system. Think about turning some calls to actions into literal calls, people sell to people!

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 12.22.00


With so many different types and sizes of mobiles, screen size is always changing. It is very hard to test all different types of screen size, so don’t! Use Google analytics to look at the different sized mobile screens and test accordingly.